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    Haag Streit Reliance Stool 4246

    The pneumatic Haag Streit stool 4246 are high quality density polyfoam seats, with a vertical adjusted backrest and exceptional stability design.

    Inami Digital Slit Lamp L-0229-E

    Inami - LED and Halogen Slit Lamp L-0229 is a Convergent Type Binocular Microscope and features an LED and Halogen background illumination system which allows you to take clear and bright images.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG     PRODUCT MANUAL

    Inami Slit Lamp L-0185-LED & Halogens

    The L-0185 LED and halogen series Slit lamps technology optimizes the spectrum of light for sharp, clear, and even observations. The L-0185 takes fine and crisp images with our optional digital camera L-0541-dc high quality sensor and simple connection system of USB.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG     PRODUCT MANUAL

    Viewlight Digital Adaptor VLZ-115

    Zeiss slit lamps are designed to incorporate optional accessories such as beam splitter & digital adaptor VLZ-115, were you can incorporate any stylish Canon camera to capture photos and videos.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG  

    Viewlight Digital Slit Lamp CSL-8U

    The New Clinical Slit Lamp CSL-8U, a Galilean optics system yields a sharp image, which provides a clear field of view, powerful built-in halogen main illumination system for optimum color rendition and illumination. Canon Camera not included.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG

    Viewlight Electronic Heater RB-202A

    Viewlight features a user friendly and high-quality digital heater RB-202A, which permits a forced air ventilation, changing the desired power with the insertion of one or two resistances and soften celluloid frames and other similar materials.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG

    Viewlight Manual Lensmeter GL-30

    The GL-30 uses Clean Energy LED illumination and no need to replace the bulb. Additionally, it can be used for a long time even with the battery.   DOWNLOAD CATALOG

    Viewlight Optical Tools Set 31105

    Viewlight offers a durable and quality optical tool kit system (31105) includes a variety of 12 adjusting pliers, 8 screwdriver pieces, 1 welding torch and 1 screw case.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG