Viewlight’s biometers provides the user with a complete biometrical assessment of the patient’s eye in a single measurement procedure, including lens thickness, anterior chamber depth (lens position) and retinal thickness.

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Haag Streit Biometer Lenstar LS-900

LENSTAR's unique measurement and planning platform for toric IOL now featuring the Barrett Toric Calculator for improved toric IOL prediction. ***Available only in Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana***  DOWNLOAD CATALOG

TOMEY Optical Biometer OA-2000

No matter if you use standard formulas or ray tracing calculation – both options are possible with the OA-2000. Features 3D eye tracking technology all relevant data are captured quickly, even with uncooperative patients.  Product NOT SOLD in the U.S.A.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG     PRODUCT MANUAL