The Cobra Series is an innovative non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that combines all the needed functions for a fast retinal screening. Retinal Camera Cobra Series allows the acquisition of multiple images, to create a panoramic image of the peripheral retinal areas.

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CSO Retinal Camera Cobra HD

Viewlight’s fully automated digital retinal camera Cobra HD, captures high resolution images of the central retina without pharmacological pupil dilation.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG     PRODUCT MANUAL

CSO Retinal Camera Cobra Plus

The Cobra PLUS is a non-mydatic fundus camera that compromises all the functions required for a rapid screening of the status of the retina.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG     PRODUCT MANUAL

Viewlight Retinal Camera Reti-View

The new hand held fundus camera Reti-View, features a 16 megapixel camera, applied android system for easier operation, even without ophthalmology background, HD touch screen with a manual and auto focus system.  DOWNLOAD CATALOG